Love your brows ladies

As someone who was a latecomer to the world of brow shaping and tinting, the power of the brow still surprises me. 

A good set of brows can make such a difference to your face, which is why I was so mad at myself recently for waiting months between waxes. In my defence I was travelling quite a bit and the ladies behind my favourite brow spot had moved on, so I found myself a little lost.

But then the universe surprised me: my favourite brow experts had set up the Browlab in Canberra’s Braddon precinct. 

Experts in re-growing, re-forming and re-establishing eyebrows that have been over waxed, over tweezed, and over complicated, Browlab is all about natural, low maintenance brows that flatter your features and frame your face. 

A dedicated space for getting your brows tidied, shaped and refresh, I was so excited to make an appointment. The new space is fresh and bright with luxurious chairs that miraculously turned a wax into a pampering session.  

In no time flat I had bold new brows with a killer arch, plus some tinted lashes for those days when I can’t be bothered with make-up. 

You can find my tips for creating and maintaining beautiful brows here, but I’d love to know how you get your brows looking fab. 

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