Finally, fitness gets fun!

 After months of dipping my toe back into fitness things got really real really fast when my friend convinced me to sign up to a gym with her. It turned out to be the best decision!

It’s always a bit scary starting at a new gym or fitness class but it was made so much easier by having a friend to go with. We both had similar goals and reasons for wanting to work on our fitness and I’ve since learnt how great it can be to have the support and advice of someone going through the same challenges. 

We decided to join Fernwood Fitness because of the close location, lovely staff and the appeal of a women’s only space to work out.

After signing on the dotted line more than three weeks ago we pledged to try a bunch of different classes at different times on different days to get a feel for what we liked and what worked best for us.

Group classes appeal to me on a number of levels because they keep me accountable, I learn new things, it keeps exercise interesting, my competitiveness won’t let me half-arse it and they can be tonnes of fun (Zumba, I am looking at you!)

Some of the classes we have tried so far include:

  • Body Pump: This was our very first class and it is safe to say without the encouragement of a gym buddy there is no way that I would have even tried this class, let alone make it my very first. Thank goodness I did though because, to my great surprise and utter delight, I love Pump! It is such a solid workout focusing on weights, toning up and building strength throughout your body. There are lots of squats and lunges but the workout targets every part of your body and you leave feeling strong. 
  • Studio Cycle and RPM: Described as an “intense cardiovascular workout designed to push you to your peak fitness” these cycle classes will test you. The 45-minute RPM class was a challenge but I am still keen to try the 30-minute express cycle session later this week. I think this would be a great calorie burner and an important step for killer legs!
  • Amazing Abs: I loved this quick 30-minute Member Motivator class because it combined a small group with an effective workout. We planked, twisted, lifted and shifted until our cores were on fire, and yet we were still laughing and joking around til the very end. That’s My kind of class.
  • Zumba: Man, I love Zumba! At first the pace, sexy moves and different dance routines can be a little daunting, but if you just embrace it this class is an hour of pure joy. There is no pressure to be perfect, just give it a go and you will pick up the steps surprisingly quickly. We always leave this class exhausted (I average about 5,000 steps a class) but smiling. 
  • We are still yet to try Body Combat and Body Balance among others but I will be ticking off a Personal Training session this week (eek!) that came as part of my membership. 

Another perk of joining up was a chance to try the new online 28 Day Breakthru program as part of our membership. Essentially it is just a chance for us to really focus early on and start things off with some good results. There is a focus on eating three meals and two snacks each day and getting a good balance between carbohydrates, protein and fat for your body type.

Considering all these new changes and challenges, I think it is important to set some goals for the next four weeks. I want to make a habit out of healthy snacking to keep my hunger in check and to stop myself from being ravenous by dinner time. I want to continue to try new classes and hit the gym at least four times a week. I want to focus on flexibility and be able to touch my toes by the end of the month. I also want to lose a few centimetres off my measurements.

Enough about me, I’d love to know, what are your fitness goals? How do you like to stay healthy?

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