First weekend in Wollongong

A recent road trip to celebrate my brother-in-law’s birthday took me to Wollongong for the very first time and I really liked what I saw!

The gorgeous weather helped kick start the trip in style and my husband and I were soon enjoying baring our legs, wearing thongs, listening to Dave Grohl and Beyoncé, and drinking obligatory takeaway coffees for the road. 

What followed was a fun getaway full of awesome little moments including:

  • Glorious sunshine. The weather on Saturday was a balmy 14 degrees when we set off from Canberra and almost 24 degrees by the time we arrived at their new townhouse in the northern seaside suburb of Thirroul. It felt amazing to be outside without jeans, tights, jackets or scarves! 
  • Sand beneath my toes. First up we hit the beach to stroll on the sand. It was still too cold to swim, but it was so lovely just walking along the shore and dipping my toes in every now and then.
  • Pub lunch. We headed to the Beaches Hotel for lunch and I couldn’t resist getting some fresh seafood! The calamari was delicious and the ciders even more so.
  • Pool sharks: The only sharks we spotted on our weekend away were by the pool table as my husband and brother-in-law fought it out for bragging rights. I had some moments of brilliance followed by many more moments of embarrassment! But in my defence I totally kicked butt on the Daytona arcade racing game. 
  • Cards Against Humanity. If you haven’t played this game already you are missing out. It is both horrible and amazing at the same time! 
  • Hours of talking. Catching up with friends and family always leads to hours and hours of chatting, sharing stories and making each other laugh. 
  • Sunday markets. The next morning we visited some local markets where I got an amazing fresh juice and the cutest and most delicious mini cheesecakes. God, I love cheesecake! Anyway, back to my story, the markets we’re packed and with good reason; there was a great variety of food stalls as well as some vintage fashion and homewares. (P.S. CHEESECAKE!)
  • Ocean views. We also went for a drive further up the coast towards Sydney and checked out the Sea Cliff Bridge. The view out to the ocean with the cliffs and mountains on the other side of the road is breathtaking. 

Now that I have family living in Wollongong I know I will be back so if you have any recommendations I’d love to hear them! Where do you like to escape to for a quick weekend getaway?

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