Spring fling: My seasonal checklist

 My favourite season of them all has finally arrived and after a seemingly endless winter I couldn’t be more delighted to see spring! 
It’s a time for blue skies, green grass, more flowers than Telfast could ever protect against, beach trips, birthdays and glorious spring fashion. 

There are so many fun things to fit into one beautiful three-month period but I’ve put together a little list of the top things I’m looking forward to this spring: 

  • Alfresco dining: Is there anything better than a lazy breakfast with great friends in the great outdoors? I love alfresco dining in the sunshine; somehow it makes everything look, feel and taste better. This season I am keen to sit back, relax and stuff my face outside at The Cupping Room, Penny University, Ona on the Lawns, Local Press and pretty much anywhere on Lonsdale Street, Braddon.
  • Bare legs: Words can not adequately explain how excited I am to not be wearing thick black tights for much longer! I want bare legs, open toe shoes and yummy leather sandals STAT.
  • Floriade: Spring brings with it the beautiful Floriade festival to Canberra. More than one million blooms turn this gorgeous lakeside location into a floral masterpiece. 
  • Sandals: Before I holidayed in Hawaii I purchased the perfect pair of sandals from Windsor Smith and I can’t wait to rock them again soon. 
  • Birthdays: Spring means lots of birthdays (including my husband’s and my own) which means birthday cake, presents and tonnes of fun! 
  • Champagne cocktails: See above (but seriously, any excuse will do).
  • Long sunny days: I can’t wait for the days to grow longer and for the sunshine to last beyond 5 or 6pm. I think it is good for the soul to leave work and still be able to run, jump and play outside!
  • Holidays: We already have some travel plans for the next few months including some trips to the NSW South Coast and a family catch up in Sydney. Where will you be travelling this season?
  • Big changes: There are some big changes on the table for the next few months including getting a new car and starting the process of moving house.
  • Iced coffee: When it is too hot for my standard coffee so I have to switch it up and indulge in an iced coffee it really is a good time to be alive.

I’d love to know, what are you excited about this spring?

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