What’s in my gym bag?

 After another tough BodyPump session this morning (8.15am Saturday class, what the hell is wrong with me) I got to thinking about what makes it in to my gym bag each week. Unfortunately for me this morning I didn’t have any luck finding some pancakes, scrambled eggs or even a bloody coffee! Maybe I’ve been packing my bag all wrong?

Breakfast obsession aside, I have put some thought into what makes it into my bag because more often than not I end up carting it around with me all day. I knew I needed some supplies to freshen up after a big workout in the mornings before work and some items to help improve my workout, but I also wanted to keep my kit to a minimum.

Here’s what made the cut:

  • Lorna Jane top: I have a bunch of simple Bonds tees that I often work out in, but for classes like BodyPump where my arms, shoulders and back are moving so much I do like the freedom of a singlet top. Funnily enough my gym buddy and I have a very similar taste in tops as we both rocked up to class this morning in this bright item from Lorna Jane! #twinsies
  • Bonds Active tights: These tights are so comfortable and make all those squats a little easier to suffer through. As the weather improves though I will have to look at switching to a 3/4 style. 
  • Lorna Jane Sports Bra: One of the first things I realised during a particularity vigorous Zumba session was that I needed a super supportive sports bra. The Electra Sports Bra is ridiculously good and makes the ladies look amazing! It makes such a difference to be able to work out with out worrying about any discomfort. 
  • Adidas runners: I picked up this bright pair of Adidas trainers on holiday in Hawaii and still adore them. They are light but steady and add a pop of colour to my gym clothes.
  • Water: This is such an essential thing to have on hand at the gym and on the one day I forgot to bring my water bottle I ended up running back and forth to the tap during my workout which is just ridiculous/exhausting.
  • Painkillers: I have these in my gym bag in case of a cracking headache or period pain that might stop me working out. 
  • Towel: A rather essential item if you plan on showering.
  • Shampoo and conditioner: I only recently added these to my bag because I had been relying on the built-in hair products in my gym’s showers. Then I had an unfortunate incident where I accidentally washed my hair with soap instead of conditioner…awkward…
  • Dry shampoo: For the days when you don’t want to or you don’t have time to wash your hair dry shampoo is your saviour! A few quick sprays on my hair line and then a quick brush through and my hair looks a million times better.
  • Garnier BB cream: Instead of a foundation I usually just put on some BB cream after a class for a little coverage and colour, while keeping my look natural. The added sunscreen is an added bonus!
  • Hydrating Rosewater Mist: This face mist from Kosmea works wonders on my flushed red face after a workout. It is great for cooling down your skin, adding some moisture and also for setting makeup.
  • Deodorant: This is a non-negotiable essential item for every gym bag
  • Hair ties: Now my hair is getting a bit longer I have to have it tied back and up while at the gym. The problem is I can never seem to find hair ties or bobby pins when I need them? Where do they all disappear too? 
  • Headphones: For longer walks and runs on the treadmill I find music is absolutely important for keeping me motivated. Specially thanks go out to Tay Tay and BeyoncĂ© for some super bouncy tunes. 

What makes the cut when you go to the gym or workout? What songs motivate you? 

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