Long weekends are for…

…sleeping in.

…long, lazy walks.



…seeing friends.


…movie nights.



…cleaning house.

…procrastinating from cleaning house.

…sitting in the sunshine.


…making plans.

Right now I am on a high from a deliciously lovely long weekend. It is a Monday and instead of being at work I am on my balcony drinking coffee and writing.

It has been a fantastic few days off; the perfect balance of being busy and completely chilled. I finished a BodyPump class, caught up with some friends, sat in on a style session with the two amazing bloggers behind They All Hate Us, and then went shopping for groceries.

My husband and I walked 10 kilometres yesterday in a big walk from our apartment around Lake Burley Griffin and then celebrated with lunch at our favourite Penny University!

I watched Almost Famous for the first time in years, drank lots of bubbles, had the first barbecue of the season and painted my toe nails.

I made plans to see old friends and mentally started some Christmas shopping.

I caught up on some sleep and laughed so hard I cried.

I got a massage and heard travel stories.

I fit a lot into my three days.

What is even more exciting though is that by some magic next weekend is another long weekend. Whatever shall I do!

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