September 2015: I am thankful for…

Another month done and dusted! Is it just me or is this year moving at a ridiculous speed?

Taking time out from the busy pace of life is sometimes just what’s needed to appreciate how much you have accomplished and enjoyed in that time. The start of spring has been good to me and I am feeling full of energy and excitement about what the rest of the year has in store for me!

Here is what I was thankful for in September…

  • Long weekends: After a lovely long weekend last week I am in the middle of a second three-day break and I’m not going to lie; I’m loving it! September has been a wonderful month but it has also been busy, busy, busy. I haven’t had as many chances as I would have liked to blog so it is really nice to be able to just sit down this afternoon and write with no distractions. Then I’m off to dinner (dumplings, dumplings and more dumplings) and a movie tonight with the big guy and then catching up with friends over the next few days.
  • New car: We recently decided to downgrade from two cars to one, but upgrade at the same time to a brand new car to share. We picked up our new Subaru Liberty ‘Lenny’ last month and have been loving driving it as much as possible!
  • Merimbula weekend: We took our new car for a little road trip down to the coast for a weekend of relaxing, walking, nibbles and drinks, and holidays snaps with the in laws. The weather was beautiful and I made sure to walk around the boardwalk to see one of the stunning sunsets over the back lake.
  • Gin and tonics: Can I get an amen that G&T weather is once again upon us?
  • Verandah time: Back at home and we cleaned up the verandah and invested in a nice outdoor rug to brighten up the space. With the arrival of warm weather it has become the perfect place to enjoy breakfast or sit and read over a coffee. I am also seriously considering having some nanna naps on particularly sunny mornings…
  • They All Hate Us: I was lucky enough to attend a style session led by the ladies behind They All Hate Us recently at the Canberra Centre and hear some very useful tips on justifying the occasional shopping splurge! Elle and Tash were really honest, down to earth and funny talking all things fashion and style. The event also proved to be the perfect excuse to catch up with some friends and former colleagues.
  • Gym bag: Going to the gym is becoming a healthy habit of mine and I am finally getting better at packing the right things to make the most of my sessions. That was one thing I did find time to blog about last month between getting my ass kicked in core workouts and killing my legs trying to do lunges in BodyPump.
  • Skin care: The change of season has seen a few new items added to my skin care routine in an effort to add some colour to my winter-pale skin. I’m loving The Body Shop’s bronze spray and also the St Tropez gradual tan. Still crazy obsessed with my Go-To Skin care regime too.
  • Active Nation Day: Last Sunday was a day designed by the folks at Lorna Jane to encourage people to get active, so my husband and I decided to complete a 10-kilometre walk around Canberra’s Inner South and Lake Burley Griffin. It was a ridiculously beautiful spring day and perfect conditions for a long walk. However, we were so hungry by the end of the walk we may have had a late lunch at our favourite Penny University and stuffed our faces with chicken burgers… #sorrynotsorry

I’d love to know, what were you thankful for in September?

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