Get creative with Origrami

If you’re the kind of person who gets transfixed scrolling through your Instagram feed then maybe it is time to consider taking your favourite photos off your screen.

I recently had a bunch (and by a bunch I mean like 100) of my favourite Instagram images printed by Australian company Origrami for a decorative project I’ve been working on. The plan is to create a giant collage of all the images to decorate my workspace.

Origrami is a self-described “Sydney-based husband and wife team who loves photography and crafts”. They create beautifully designed Instagram prints with awesome details on the back like a map of where your photo was geotagged or your Instagram caption on a colourful background.

It was so hard to essentially curate my images and decide which ones to print and which ones didn’t make the cut. There were some essential images that were always going to make the cut though: family photos, holiday snaps and some of my favourite flatlays!

Holiday snaps from Hawaii, peonies, breakfast from The Cupping Room, wedding photos, The Grounds of Alexandria, beauty products, Merimbula pics, and of course lists feature heavily in my new collection of photos.

Have you ever printed your favourite Insta images? What did you use them for?

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