Birthday countdown begins

In less than three weeks I will be celebrating my 29th birthday in one of my favourite places in the world.

Last year I wrote about my ‘happy place’ just a few hours from Canberra – the coastal town of Merimbula that has become another home for me.

My husband’s family and I gather together there in the family home to celebrate, commiserate and just be together in good times and bad. It is a place for delicious food, great wine and delightful conversation.

Essentially it is the perfect place to celebrate a birthday and this year it’s not just my birthday we will be celebrating. My gorgeous little nephew will be turning one so it’s going to a whole new level! 

I have been joking it is our combined 30th but my husband has a theory that you just round up ages, so he joked back at me that I am already 30 (the nerve of him!) His ‘five cents’ theory conveniently means he is still 30 as well for another two years. I’m not sure how I feel about this…

The last time everyone was all together was Christmas so I’m ridiculously excited for us to all spend a long weekend together. I’m thinking we need some beach days, boozy lunches, lazy sleep ins, coffee catch ups and lots of laughs. 

The next big catch up after that is later in November for a weekend away with my family in Sydney. Any excuse for a holiday really! 

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