October 2015: I am thankful for…

Honestly, I had been putting off writing my latest ‘thankful for’ blog post because last month was a tough one. It was full of dizzying highs and depressing lows and I really wasn’t sure what to write.

But despite everything I have always been a big believer in the fact that even in the darkest moments there are wonderful things happening around us if we can just appreciate them. So I took a deep breath and then got on with it.

So here is what I was thankful for in October…

  • My husband: Through the good times and the bad my amazing husband is always by my side cheering me on, making me laugh and supporting me. I feel so lucky to have him I my life.
  • Birthdays: We both celebrated our birthdays in October (and for three glorious weeks my husband was three years older than me)! For his we went out to dinner and saw a comedy show – Lawrence Mooney, who was superb – while I spent mine on the coast with his family. 
  • High tea: We celebrated our gorgeous nephew’s first birthday with a decadent high tea, complete with mini chocolate eclairs, scones with jams and cream, and champagne. Thanks to Dobinsons Bakery for the sweet treats and for saving me from baking and everyone else from my baking. 
  • Kate Spade: For my birthday I finally got my hands on some glittery gold earrings from my beloved Kate Spade that I had had my eyes on for months! They are a little fancy and a little fun and I love them. I was also given a stunning Samantha Wills necklace, the game Cards Against Humanity and some new Pandora charms as well as a brand new camera. It is safe to say I am a very lucky girl. 
  • Fresh flowers: We are in the process of selling our apartment and so not only is it ridiculously clean at the moment but it’s also full of fresh flowers. It is safe to say I am probably keeping my local florist in business!
  • Women’s Health Magazine: I recently took out an awesome subscription deal for Women’s Health Magazine for myself and Men’s Health Magazine for my hubby. It has been so nice getting them delivered to my door and catching up on some healthy reading. Where do you get your healthy inspiration from?
  • Spring barbecues: The weather has been perfect for barbecues and that’s just the excuse I needed to plan catch ups with friends. It’s so nice to share a meal with awesome people outside when the sun is still shining! 
  • Origrami: I got a bunch of my favourite Instagram pictures printed recently and wrote a little post about it in October. If you have ever thought about printing your own then check it out. 
  • Summer Sculpt: I am two weeks into a six-week challenge at my gym and loving it. For the Fernwood Fitness Summer Sculpt challenge I’ve been completing bootcamps which terrified me to begin with but now I love! It has improved my fitness quickly and I actually completed 15 push-ups on my toes last week which is just insane for me!

I’d love to know, what were you thankful for in October?

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