Hustle&Scout: My favourite moments

I love the Hustle&Scout Twilight Fashion Market for many reasons but one big one is that it means my awesome sister-in-law comes to visit! 

As the creative mind behind The Silk Bowerbird, she ran a stall at this fashion-forward, seasonal Canberra market (which means my husband and I get a visit from her and her awesome little family!)

We had such a fantastic weekend at the markets and just catching up into the wee hours of the next morning(s). Sleep deprivation aside, here’s a little list of some of my favourite moments:

  • Market atmosphere: I have loved this market from its beginning in NewActon a few years ago and it just gets better and better. Live music, great stalls and interesting new locations make for a really nice weekend vibe. 
  • New location: This market was held close to home for the very first time at the new Little National Hotel in Barton. The market was spilt over two levels of the car park, so you wound your way up and back through the stalls. It was luckily nice and cool inside on what was a very hot summer’s day!
  • Babysitting: The big guy and I were on hand to babysit our one-year-old nephew during the market. I should mention he is ridiculously adorable and an immensely happy baby so we practically begged to be able to babysit! After a few hours of entertaining though, I’m not going to lie, I was happy when he decided to take a little nap! Babies are awesome but exhausting and factor in the location and hours of walking him around and we were in need of a break/drink. A visit to the Ostani bar nearby did the trick! 
  • Baby cuddles: Pretty self explanatory and I should also add baby dancing to the list! A-freaking-dorable. 
  • Gifts: My lovely sister-in-law generously gave me some more of her products (yes, I’m very spoilt!). I got one of her gorgeous new tassel necklaces (pictured) and an awesome silk iPad case.  
  • Wine time: A family catch up is the perfect excuse for some wine…if you need an excuse that is…and we really really don’t. But it was lovely to enjoy a few drops together regardless and we had a particularly lovely bottle of riesling from Shaw Vineyard which we picked up at the market. 
  • The Forage: Speaking of wine, there is also an amazing food and wine market called The Forage that runs alongside Hustle&Scout. It’s awesome! Think more amazing food vans than you can possibly try, winery stands, a microbrewery stall, baked goods and lots of coffee. 
  • New fitness gear: I stumbled upon a local fitness wear label, Runaway Apparel, while at the markets and quickly fell in love! I picked up a new sports bra and singlet for just $60 and the quality is so good. Definitely one to keep an eye on.
  • Sunday brunch: After a massive Saturday we celebrated with a lazy brunch at Me & Mrs Jones. Think iced coffee, breakfast tortillas and loads of sunshine.
  • Nanna nap: After we said our goodbyes, I quickly curled up and took a much needed nap – something I never do! But what can I say; all that excitement really took it out of me!

What were your favourite moments from the recent weekend?


One thought on “Hustle&Scout: My favourite moments

  1. It was a super fun weekend and our little boy is so lucky to have such a cool Aunty! Thanks so much for your support over the weekend (and the wine time!)


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