Why I love summer holidays…

 The festivities of Christmas might have come to an end but the glory that is a summer holiday has only just begun… 

As I write this latest blog post I am currently about a third of the way through my time off and am well and truly into relaxation mode. The sun is shining, the water is cold, the days are long, the food is fresh and the drinks are flowing: the holiday season is summer in Australia at its best!

Six days into my holiday and I have already:

  • Retreated to the coast for some R&R
  • Floated on a lake in a giant inflatable donut
  • Enjoyed an Aperol Spritz or three
  • Spilt a burger and cocktails at a new hipster bar
  • Walked along the boardwalk at high tide
  • Enjoyed a home cooked Greek feast outside on a warm evening
  • Jumped waves at the beach
  • Celebrated Christmas with my husband’s family
  • Ate fresh lobster and prawns on the balcony
  • Re-watched some action-packed movies like Jurassic World (thanks Santa)
  • Tried making my new favourite cocktail – the Moscow Mule
  • Ran up a massive hill to work off all the cocktails
  • Had coffees at our favourite cafe in Merimbula
  • Spent time with our adorable nephew
  • Attempted to catch up on some reading
  • Successfully caught up in some sleep

What do you still have planned for your holidays?

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