What I’m loving in January

French champagne, crime fiction, puppies and skin care all made the list of things I’m loving this month…

  • Veuve Clicquot: Over the years this has become my family’s celebratory champagne for all the big occasions. When my husband and I got engaged, to celebrate our wedding, on the big birthdays and at Christmas this is our drink of choice; plus my mum, whose birthday we celebrated early this month, is just crazy about all the “tiny little bubbles” in each glass! 
  • Trenery sale: The sales just keep coming and I managed to pick up some cute new dresses for work for half the price from Trenery this week. Score!
  • Puppies: We recently puppy sat for a friend and now I am once again dog obsessed. I would love to have a dog of my own but until we move I might just have to settle for staring longingly at other people’s pooches as they pass by… 
  • Monster kitchen and bar: On the very first day of 2016 my husband and I had an awesome dinner date at this super cool Canberra restaurant and I was so impressed with our meal. Lots of local wines on the drinks menu is also a big plus. 
  • The Girl has Sparke: Megan is a blogger who I love to follow/stalk on Instagram too and her recent trip to New Zealand was documented so beautifully on this app that now I’m thinking a trip over the ditch is in order! 
  • The Kellermans: One of my goals for the new year was to find time for reading again and I am happy to say I’m already onto book number four! First up I finished the newest crime fiction novel by Faye and then I re-read two of Jonathan’s recent books before diving into one of his latests – Motive. Love their work. 
  • Summer movies: I haven’t been to the movies yet this month but there are so many on my list to see, I better hop to it. Sisters and The Revenant are at the top of my list. 
  • My sister: I normally only get to see my sister every few months and yet somehow the universe has brought us together twice so far in January and the month isn’t even over! I always love getting to see my baby sis and was lucky enough to get to spend a night with her exploring Sydney, eating ice cream and swapping stories.
  • New gym classes: I set myself a challenge to try some new gym classes this year and so far I’ve ticked Core and Body Attack off the list. Loved them both and am keen to add them into my new class schedule at my Fernwood gym once I work it out. 
  • Go-To skin care: A new order for the new year has seen me swimming in gorgeous skin care products once again! Stocked up on Face Hero, Very Useful Face Cream and the awesome swipeys. 

Because I’m a curious person (and sometimes a bit of a sticky beak) I’d love to know, what things are you loving this month? What can’t you stop talking about?

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