What to do with 52 pairs of shoes?

Feast your eyes on these little beauties. These gorgeous Shoes of Prey heels were a gift to me from a great friend of mine who might just be the luckiest person in the whole wide world. Why? Well, I’m glad you asked…

I know my lovely friend Teone is one of the luckiest people in the world because last year she won the highly coveted annual Shoes of Prey competition. Her prize? Fifty-two pairs of shoes in any design she wants.

Amazing, right?

I’ve written about my love for Shoes of Prey before, but what I love about this website is that you can custom-design your own shoes from the soles up and pick the right style, shape, colour, fabric and height for you.

To win Teone designed more shoes than she probably admitted to and matched them with different outfits. Her winning heels were a mixture of grey, white and tan leathers with a bold black sole. The outfit she matched them to included a patterned skirt she had sewn herself. The combinations was definitely a winner!

Her shoes were described on the Shoes of Prey website by the judges as a magic combination of mixed neutrals. 

Grey and white with a peek of black and tan make for a versatile stacked sandal that just compliments the outfit oh-so well. Tasteful with a personal twist.

When she told me she had won the competition I was beyond excited for her and when she then revealed she wanted to give me a pair of the shoes for my birthday I was lost for words. 

Teone and I share a love for fashion, design and homewares. We constantly send each other links to new online stores we find, tag each other in Instagram posts for great brands and shoe off new purchases and great finds. We don’t have the same style but I like to think we share the same sense of good taste. 

To celebrate her winning design I decided to create shoes that incorporated her mix of neutrals and included that oh-so comfortable stacked heel. I adore the grey and the pop of white that accentuates whatever nail polish I’m wearing on that occasion. 

The colours really are versatile and so far I’ve matched my heels with a black and white striped dress, a navy and white number and jeans with a simple tee. 

I love my new heels and am so thankful for the generosity that led to me creating them. If you want to see more of Teone’s creations you can follow her gorgeous Instagram feed at @teonen

You can see and even buy her wining design on the Shoes of Prey website here and if you’re curious you can find my pair here.

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