My favourite things of February

The new season of New Girl, an art gallery, lattes and Chanel perfume all made the list of things I’m loving this month…

  • MARCS tee: I spotted this simple tee online a few weeks ago and just had to have it. Mais oui!
  • Lattes: Blame it on a February post holidays slump, but my need for coffee has increased this month. Combine that with a broken coffee machine at home and my local cafés are getting a good workout. 
  • Mocan & Green Grout: This funky NewActon cafe has always been a favourite and a recent lunch cemented its place on my list. You simply cannot go past their amazing baked eggs with roasted eggplant and goats cheese! Trust me – so good.
  • Reading: One of my goals for this year was to find more time for reading and it has been a really easy promise to keep thanks to lots of new books on my iPad. While I love buying books for my bookshelf you can’t deny the convenience of being able to download that novel you’ve been dying to read instantly. 
  • National Gallery of Australia: My husband and I recently rediscovered the gallery and had a great time exploring the new spaces, revisiting our favourite piece – the Within Without Skyspace – and stocking up on baked goods courtesy of a well placed CWA bake sale.
  • Ginger beer: I love me some ginger beer, especially when the weather is warm. Throw in some lime and a bit of ice (and maybe a shot of Jamaican rum if you’ve been really good) and you have yourself the perfect February beverage. 
  • Chanel’s Allure: Gifted to me very generously by my mother-in-law at Christmas, this fresh perfume has quickly made a place for itself on my rotation. It’s a great fragrance for work because it’s not too heavy or intense.
  • The Iconic: I recently picked up some great shoes for work from The Iconic at really good prices. A speedy delivery and entertaining Instagram account only made me love it more.
  • New New girl: I love New Girl and the newest season is ridiculously good. 
  • Nude lipstick: I’ve been trying to wear more lipstick and have found a nude or neutral shade is a great way to subtly incorporate it into my every day look. 

I’d genuinely love to know, what things are you loving this month? What can’t you stop talking about, tweeting or posting on Insta?

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