Say goodbye to summer fashion

What will I miss the most about summer, you ask? I’m not going to lie, probably the fashion.

Yes, I will miss the weather, the sunshine, the long days, the green leaves and the excuse to live on ice cream because, you know, it’s hot. But I am going to miss the fashion most of all.

Don’t get me wrong; being able to wear amazing winter fashion is one of the many perks of living in Canberra. But there is something so nice about being able to put on just a dress and walk straight out the door.

Summer fashion is the definition of easy. Instead of needing layers upon layers, you generally just need to pick one or two pieces to get by.

This summer I made the most of some old favourites complemented with some new pieces and I plan on wearing them as far into autumn as I possibly can!

Oldies but goodies:

  • Country Road dress: I picked this dress (pictured) up on sale for an absolute steal last year and it just screams summer. 
  • Windsor Smith sandals: I originally bought these sandals for a Hawaiian holiday and they continue us to be the most comfortable sandals I own.
  • Chanel lipstick: I love the peachy lipstick I wore on my wedding day and summer is the perfect time to wear such a warm shade.
  • Country Road tees: I have a good collection of these super soft t-shirts from Country Road and they are the perfect summer tee to match with shorts, skirts and even jeans on a rare brisk evening.

Nice newbies: 

  • Trenery dresses: I fell in love with this style of dress from Trenery’s summer collection so much so that I bought two of them!
  • Bonds bra: I have a really lovely lilac bra from Bonds that suits the lighter summer colours I’ve been wearing.
  • The Iconic skirt: This soft pink, pleated midi skirt is one of my new favourites and I already have plans of how I might keep wearing it into autumn…
  • Country Road flats: These neutral tan flats go with everything and have been my go-to shoe for summer.

What will you miss the most about this glorious season? Before we get too sad though, what are you looking forward to most about autumn?

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