What do you think: Samantha Wills

When she was just 21 years old, Samantha Wills started her own jewellery company. The Samantha Wills brand has since gone on to become an internationally-recognised label known for producing incredibly luxurious bohemian pieces.

As the creative director and head designer, Samantha’s impeccable sense of style is undeniable.

I like to think Samantha and I have a few things in common…

She is a Port Macquarie native. I am a Mid North Coast girl myself.

Her jewellery was once featured on Sex and The City. I have spent many a night watching Sex and The City.

She was recently appointment creative director of Aussie sparkling wine brand Yellowglen. I LOVE drinking sparkling wine. (In fact, I have spent many a night watching Sex and The City while drinking sparkling wine!)

She was once tipped to become ‘Australia’s biggest export since Vegemite’ by fashion writer Inez Mendoza. I…..absolutely hate Vegemite, I can’t lie, but can completely appreciate what a compliment this was intended to be.

See? Practically twins!

I own two Samantha Wills rings and was given a gold chain necklace for my most recent birthday, but I have also found the best presents from their online store. My sister and sister-in-law both got some Samantha Wills from Santa last year!

Here are some of the spectacular pieces that have recently caught my eye, but I would love to hear what you think about the jewellery range:

What do you think about Samantha Wills? Do you have any favourites pieces or collections?

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