What I was loving in April…


Surviving IKEA, bright yellow roses, Anzac Biscuit ice cream and a brand spanking new house all made the list of things I was crushing on last month…

  • A new house: We finally made the big move from our one-bedroom apartment to a three-beddy house. We found tenants for our place and moved into a fantastic rental across the lake in Canberra’s Inner North. It has been a long and, at times, anxiety-inducing process and I am so glad to finally be in our new place. The stress of moving took a fair bit out of me though which is why this little list is a little late. Oops!
  • Yellow roses: After moving in I quickly hit up the amazing Capital Region Farmers Markets which is within walking distance of our new place. This market is so incredible it deserves its own post but for now let me just tell you that I managed to pick up two big bunches of glorious yellow roses for just $20.
  • Winter fashion: Last month I did find time to write a little hit list of autumn and winter pieces I need/want/must have to complete my wardrobe. From leather gloves and oversized scarves to fleece tights and flannel nighties, if you’re looking for some seasonal inspiration you can find the full list here.
  • Samantha Wills: I also wrote about my love for Samantha Wills in April; I own two Samantha Wills rings and was given a delicate gold necklace for my birthday, but I have also found some great presents from their online store.
  • IKEA supplies: With a new place to decorate a tri to IKEA Canberra was inevitable, despite my husband’s misgivings. Not only did we (and our marriage) survive the expedition but we left with a gorgeous new entertainment unit and side table, as well as some much needed storage options now that we have actual places to store actual things.  
  • The Cupping Room: A sensational autumn menu at one of my favourite Canberra cafes kept me coming back for me. I tried the crumbed haloumi dish for breakfast and then the incredible lamb rillettes for a girls’ lunch.
  • Women’s Health: I had a few editions of Women’s Healthy Magazine lying around that I finally got to read in April. I love this mag for inspiration and motivation, plus the recipes are so different from what I might normally cook.
  • Frugii ice cream: A late night ice cream run to the amazing Frugii Dessert Laboratory in Braddon resulted in an ice cream cone full of dark chocolate and Anzac Biscuit flavours.
  • Cold and flu tablets: All this stress and running around recently meant I was bound to get sick and sick I most certainly got!
  • Autumn leaves: The leaves have well and truly begun turning in Canberra and the result is streets painted in gold, burnt orange and a rich deep red.

I’d love to know, what were your favourite things in April? What can’t you stop talking about, tweeting or Instagramming?

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