How to win a year’s supply of shoes

What would you do with a brand new pair of shoes every week for a whole year?

If you haven’t already thought about this delightful scenario now is the time to start because Shoes of Prey’s epic annual competition is back!

Shoes of Prey is a website that allows you to custom design your own shoes from the soles up and pick the right style, shape, colour, fabric and height for you. 

For the past few years they have run the most amazing competition allowing one lucky winner the chance to win 52 pairs of shoes over a year. I wrote about last year’s winner because she just so happened to be a friend of mine – lucky duck!

This year the judges will be looking for a wearable pair that also complements the matched outfit, while showcasing your personal twist.

I’ve already had so much fun playing around with designs and here are a couple matched with outfits that might inspire you to do the same…

The navy blue dress with white smudges is typical of my normal style – a little classic, a little clean and, sometimes, a little too safe. What I love about the bright colours of these shoes is that they add something bold to the outfit while still complementing my traditional blue uniform. These heels would be like having a touch of summer in your life all year round.

I love how romantic this outfit is – a little bit French and a little bit golden. I wanted a pair of heels to match and incorporated a twist on a neutral heel with the addition of rose gold. The best thing about these shoes is that they are incredibly versatile and could be matched with just about any outfit.

Entries close June 28, so what are you waiting for?

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