Best buy: Oroton Nappy bag and accessories

I’m not going to lie; my search for the perfect nappy bag was short lived. It pretty much consisted of me half-heartedly looking for a nappy bag for a few weeks, hating everything I saw, and then finding the perfect bag totally by chance!

A colleague sent me an email to an Oroton outlet sale in case I was in need of a new handbag and while I was browsing through I stumbled upon the perfect nappy bag. Complete with change mat, lots of pockets, an extra-long shoulder strap and a bottle cover, it has everything I wanted. To make things even better, the bag, which was originally priced at $495, was marked down to about $150.

And it only got better from there; once I added it to my digital shopping cart an alert popped up to tell me I have received an additional 10 per cent discount (YAY!).

So I decided to add a small case to my order to conveniently store my keys, inhaler, lip gloss and glasses when switching between my nappy bag and my normal handbag. In even better news, a second alert popped up to tell me that with two items in my cart I now had a 20 per cent discount (double YAY!).

The only sensible thing to do was to buy the matching wallet and call it a day! Thanks to the great sale promos I managed to get my new nappy bag for one-fifth of the cost and two beautiful accessories to go with it.

Unfortunately the nappy bag is now sold out online but some other good options, including my wallet and beauty case, are:

  • Signature O Large Tote: Classic carry-all to take you through each season. Was $495, NOW $148.50.
  • Signature O Weekender: An ideal size for overnight stays and light travel, The Weekender Tote is a fashion statement to be reckoned with. WAS $595, NOW $178.50.
  • Signature O Slim Clutch: Crafted from pebble grain leather and jacquard, the Stencil slim clutch will keep your belongings organised. WAS $215, NOW $64.50.
  • Signature O Small Beauty Case: The Signature O Jacquard small beauty case will keep all your make-up essentials together. WAS $145, NOW $43.50.

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