Why I love my Redsbaby pram

Finding the perfect pram was tough! Much tougher than I had expected. I had foolishly thought I’d look at a few sites and find something that suited our needs and budget pretty quickly. Yep, I’m an idiot!

After weeks of searching online, asking friends, and googling ridiculously vague phrases that didn’t help at all like ‘best affordable pram’ (genius, I know), I finally found what I was looking for. 

As soon as I saw the Redsbaby JIVE pram I knew it was perfect. It offered everything I was looking for and the price tag was exceptional value. 

Parents love the beautifully refined aesthetic created by the leatherette handles, zipper pull-tabs and high quality fabrics, as well as the practical features like a one-piece fold and lightweight modular design. 

The JIVE comfortably accommodates tiny newborns to toddlers with both a bassinet and seat option, plus adaptors for a capsule, and the choice of an extra seat if you need a double pram down the track. That’s just one of the many reasons that made it the right pram for us:

  • Australian design

Redsbaby is an Australian company that creates stylish and practical prams and I was excited to be able to support a local Aussie business with my pram purchase. 

  • Competitive price point

The price nowhere the pram with both the seat and bassinet is just $849, but it was $799 when I bought it. When you consider all the features and the high quality finishes it compares very well to the competition. Redsbaby also makes some more affordable models as well as the JIVE so have a look at the website if you are interested in a low price point.

  • How easy it was to assemble

I was determined to put the pram together by myself as I will be the one using it the most and to my surprise it was incredibly easy. Whether you want to use the bassinet or seat it’s incredibly quick to change over and be good to go. If you do get stuck there are really useful videos on the website including one on how to put your pram together! 

  • How easy it is to fold up and down

To unfold the pram there is a single frame lock release that can be unlocked with one hand and then you simply pull up the handle and voila! The seat also tucks into the frame when it’s folded to make things extra easy. This proved to be quite useful when it came to fitting the pram into the back of our car. 

  • Beautiful bassinet

I love the JIVE bassinet! It is made with quality fabrics and finishes including a soft quilted mattress cover to keep Bub comfy. The canopy include large mesh zip panels for extra air flow and a leatherette carry handle. There is even a toy hook under the canopy for the essential distractions.

  • The leather details

The look and design was one of the many factors that went into our decision-making process and the JIVE certainly delivers. There are hand-crafted, tan leatherette pram handles, zipper pull tabs and bumper bars, and a dense outer fabric in Indigo with soft peachskin lining for a classic and durable look.

  • Adjustable telescopic handle

I love that the handle can be adjusted to suit a range of heights as my husband and I can both adjust it to the height right for us.

  • Awesome accessories

Not only does the JIVE offer a great range of accessories, they also won’t cost you an arm and a leg! We chose to also get the Maxi-Cosi capsule adaptors so we can use our car capsule if needed, a rain cover, an extra seat liner and a cup holder. For winter there is also an awesome fleece winter foot cover I’ve got my eyes on.

How did you choose the perfect pram for your needs? 

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