I’m loving: my shower essentials

Since the birth of my son a month ago I’ve found my time for primping and preening rather limited. My beauty routine has definitely taken a hit but I’ve made sure to find time for a decent shower every day. 

A few special products help turn those showers into something extra nice and make all the difference, especially when you’re time poor. Plus, when your hair and skin are looking healthy and happy you need less time for make-up, which gives you more time for everything else (like baby cuddles!)…

  • Hello Hair Hydrating Mask: I love using this hair mask every now and then when my hair needs an extra boost of vitality. Made from all natural ingredients, it’s the perfect hair mask to use when you want to grow your hair out and need it healthy and strong. I just apply this mask to my hair, combing it all the way through to the ends, about 30 minutes before my shower and then wash my hair as normal.
  • Aesop body cleanser: I was given this Geranium Leaf body cleanser as part of an Aesop gift kit at Christmas and am obsessed. It smells delightful, and leaves my skin feeling clean but still hydrated.
  • Go-To Skin Care Properly Clean: After years of using this skin care range I wouldn’t use anything else. My skin has never felt or looked better and every product is so simple to use. I use one or two pumps of this cleansing mouse every day in the shower and my husband has even been converted to their Bro-To Properly Clean!
  • Go-To Skin Care Exfoliating Swipeys: Once or twice a week I also use these exfoliating swipeys to treat any blemishes or dryness. There is nothing better to treat an annoying breakout or freshen up your face!
  • Aesop body balm: After my shower I make sure to use this gorgeous Rind Concentrate Body Balm to lock in moisture. The citrus scent is invigorating and while the balm is rich it spreads on easily and still feels light on your skin.
  • Go-To Skin Care Very Useful Face Cream: After all that cleansing, I always finish up my shower routine with a healthy dose of this delicious face cream. Then I am ready to tackle the world!

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