Adventures with a brand new baby

One of the best things I did soon after having my son was to get us both out of the house for little adventures. 

In the first few days after his birth those adventures mainly consisted of walking a few blocks to my local shops for groceries and supplies, which might not sound very adventurous, but trust me, with a newborn it was definitely a learning curve. Just getting the pram out the door with everything I needed was interesting enough!

The next step for me was to drive for the first time with my baby in the car. With my parents in the car for morale support, we made the quick trip to the Capital Region Farmers Market for fruit and veg (for them) and coffee and donuts (for me). Despite having my coffee fall off a table and straight into my pram basket it was another successful outing!

Our next adventures also involved coffee but a lot less mess. I started taking longer walks with my Bub in his pram around our neighbourhood and eventually ending up at our local coffee shop. When he was on his best behaviour I even got to treat myself to some pancakes!

One of our best adventures so far has been going to see Aidan’s very first movie. We went to a mums and bubs screening of ‘Kong’ at Dendy cinemas and I couldn’t recommend it enough! I got to have a coffee, he slept through most of the movie, the lights were kept on low so I could check on him and most of the other moviegoers were mums with their babies too. It was so great to still be able to do something I loved before I became a mum. Next movie date is ‘Beauty and the Beast’!

We’ve also ventured out to see friends. We visited Daddy at his work and our boy got thoroughly spoilt by some very clucky grown men. We’ve even shopped up a storm at Baby Bunting and the Bonds outlet.

We’ve also breastfed in the back of the car for 50 minutes at the Canberra Outlet Centre; screamed our lungs out at the doctors (Aidan, not me!); and got caught in the rain on one of our strolls.

Okay, so not every adventure is all together exciting but they do all serve a purpose. They get us both out of the house, let us talk and interact with other people, get some exercise and fresh air, and build up my confidence as a new parent. Plus, they can be a lot of fun!

Our next adventure as a family is going to be our first road trip. We are off to the Southern Highlands and Wollongong and I’m excited but a little nervous about our first attempt at travelling with a newborn. Wish us luck!

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