Why I’m crazy about YouFoodz


Trying to find a gap in your day to sit down and have a nice lunch can be difficult at the best of times! Throw a baby into the mix and its almost impossible…

That’s why YouFoodz Canberra has been an absolute lifesaver these past few weeks!

YouFoodz deliver delicious, fresh meals ready to heat and eat in less than two minutes. Some of my mum-friends recommended the food delivery service as an ideal option for the first few months after baby is born.

On days when I am exhausted, a bit frazzled and damn hungry, it has been so good to just be able to have a nice healthy lunch in no time at all. Some of the meals can also been eaten with just a fork, which leaves one hand free for keeping the bub under control!

I am still making my way through the ever-changing menu, but here are some of my favourite meals and snacks so far:

Satay tenders with green chilli risoni

I love the combination of creamy satay-covered chicken tenderloins with the chilli-pesto pasta. The perfect winter warmer!

Butter chicken with naan bread

Everyone loves Butter Chicken and this delicious version, with coconut and capsicum on brown rice, is only 411 calories.

Pesto gnocchi

I adore gnocchi (and pretty much ever pasta ever invented!) and this creamy creation with chicken and sun-dried tomatoes is no exception.

Espresso protein balls

Combining two of my great loves – coffee and chocolate – these delicious protein balls are deceptively filling.

Chocolate almond protein cookies

One of my biggest cravings while breastfeeding has been for chocolate chip cookies and it will do me the world of good to eat these bad boys instead!

Choc protein mousse

This amazing dessert is too good to be true! Not only do you get a generous serve of rich chocolate mousse, but you also get a slice of banana bread to enjoy with it. #winning

Have you tried YouFoodz yet? What’s your favourite treat?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Monique says:

    I would pay so much for a vegan meal service or to get my hands on Soylent (a vegan meal replacement drink) it’s hard to think of good meals and make one for the rest of the fam – non vegans and usually we try to work out a way to make my meal and theirs in one go.


    1. Little List Of Mine says:

      Hey Monique, I know YouFoodz has some vego options but not sure if any are vegan approved. Every snack and meal has ingredients info listed online though so maybe worth a look. It can be hard balancing out your own dietary needs with other people’s!


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