Look of the day: my new mum uniform

fullsizeoutput_31bThree months in and I am starting to find my style as a mum. Breastfeeding, long walks with a pram and the constant threat of vomit (or worse) have definitely changed the way I dress.

I have found that my much-loved dresses have been replaced by jeans or pants and relaxed-fit long-sleeved tops. Flats and sneakers have taken over from heels and jewellery is kept to a minimum (when I remember to put any on).

Despite having to take into account whether or not I can feed my baby in my clothes, my current relaxed approach to fashion means I have never been more comfortable! And by keeping my outfits simple, I can make sure that each and every piece works each and every time.

Top: Irene Blouse from Tobi (gifted) 

This beautiful flowing blouse in taupe is the perfect transeasonal piece. Light enough to work through spring and summer, its long sleeves and front tie means it can also be layered into your autumn and winter wardrobe. The subtle cut-outs and fine details add another level of interest. Plus, Tobi offers free shipping on all orders to Australia. #winning

Jeans: Levis

It’s nice to pair a statement top with something simple like a classic pair of Levis. I found these gorgeous jeans while holidaying in Hawaii two years ago and they are still on high rotation in my wardrobe.

Boots: Joanne Mercer Chelsea boots

These tan Joanne Mercer boots offer a very comfortable heel that is high enough to make them feel a little bit more fancy than my current day-to-day options. I love that they aren’t black shoes because I always find myself dressing in really dark clothes when winter strikes and it is great to be able to break that doom and gloom up with a pop of colour.

Accessories: Dior J’Adore perfume and a gold statement necklace

I have written about how to make the most of your precious time in the morning to tackle make-up when you are a mum, which you can find here, but another great way to take your outfit to the next level without really trying is with a great perfume and one piece of jewellery that really steals that show. Dior’s J’Adore fragrance is a winner for me and I have had this gorgeous necklace for so long now I don’t even remember where I bought it!

Tell me about your ‘mum style’ and what pieces you’d recommend?

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