Where to find the best baby clothes

When you have a baby you might find yourself being inundated with gifts for your new little bundle of joy. If you’re lucky, some of those gifts will include clothes. If you’re really lucky, you might also have friends or family with bundles of clothes from their own bundles of joy that they would like to pass on to you. And if you are just ridiculously lucky, you might even have loved ones who want to make clothes for your new bubba!

We were lucky enough to have all three and most of our little boy’s clothes were generously gifted, inherited or made by hand.

But, if you are looking to buy some new baby clothes, here are some of my favourite places to shop:

BondsA classic and an absolute must for all Australian mummas, Bonds is the best for all your basics (and a few not-so-basic pieces). I am a fan of their bodysuits, singlets and socks, but am officially obsessed with their famous Wondersuits. Coming in all sorts of colours, prints, lengths and materials, these once-piece wonders are just the best for when you want an instant outfit with absolutely no fuss.

My best buy: The fuzzy Zip Wondersuit in white is the perfect bedtime outfit for boys or girls. 

Country RoadWhile Country Road is at a higher price point when it comes to kids clothes, it’s the best for those special pieces. I bought the most beautifully warm jacket there, perfect for our little guy’s first Canberra winter. We also inherited some of their t-shirts and jumpers and the quality is still exceptional.

My best buy: I am a big fan of their bunny toys because the long limbs are easy for babies to grab and hold.

Cotton OnWe got given so many great pieces of clothing from Cotton On. The tights and tops are especially colourful, bold and bright.

My best buy: These Shelby Trackpants look super cute.

Next AustraliaI was told about Next when I was looking for an appropriate baby outfit for a family wedding. They have a fantastic selection of clothes, including more formal options for special occasions. We picked up some great quality chinos, bodysuits and jackets for really good prices.

My best buy: This Khaki Jacket is a great top layer for winter and the perfect light option for spring and autumn. 

Target: After being given some gorgeous clothes from Target, including from their organic cotton collection, it is safe to safe I am a massive fan! The quality is great, they have some great modern options and the price is incredibly reasonable.

My best buy: These Baby Cuffed Trackpants are versatile and cosy.

Seed HeritageMuch like Country Road, some of the clothes are a little pricey but they are definitely worth it. The clothes are very cute, often adorned with adorable animals. We bought a special onesie to bring our baby home from the hospital in, some adorable pants and a few cute tops (including a very special walrus tee).

My best buy: I’ve got my eye on this adorable Bear Print Tee.

Some other great labels to keep an eye out for include Pure Baby, Miann & Co, and Chi Khi. Got any other shops or labels you’d recommend?



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