Welcome a new addition to the Go-To family

Whenever a new product is added to the gorgeous Go-To Skin Care family it’s cause for celebration!

The most recent to be unveiled is Super Handy, a hand cream packed full of goodies like shea butter, cocoa butter and macadamia oil.

Super Handy is jammed with lush butters and powerful anti-oxidants to keep the hands nourished and protected against dehydration and environmental bad guys (‘the ageing stuff’), and potent oils to keep the skin’s barrier intact and the cuticle all healthy and cute. – Go-To Skin Care

Unlike most hand creams that can leave your hands feeling a bit greasy, Super Handy manages to be light and absorbent. It sounds like a lot of work went in to achieving this, taking 28 attempts to end up with this lush and lovely product.

The final product was definitely worth it. You only need a small amount, rubbed all over your hands and cuticles, after a shower or before bed for super soft hands.

Plus, I think it might finally have taken the crown from Exceptionoil as the best smelling Go-To product ever made (and that’s a massive call!). One of the natural fragrances is gourmand orange blossom rose but to me it smells a bit like musk sticks. Delicious peachy-pink musk sticks!

If you need any more reasons to give Go-To a try, check out one of my most popular posts here about why I love this awesome Aussie skincare range so much!

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