Spring Fitness Challenge – Week Two

When spring finally arrived so too did my motivation! I set myself a 12 Week Spring Fitness Challenge and the first week is done and dusted.

It has been great re-focusing on my health and getting my body moving, especially after another brutal winter full of hibernation. My fitness levels still aren’t quite where they used to be before my pregnancy but already I feel a little bit stronger and a little bit more confident in my ability.

How I went in Week One:

My goals for the first week of the challenge were:

  • To get out of my comfort zone and take two MEGA exercises sessions and walk up Mt Majura for the first time. 

Tick, tick and a big fat tick! I went to a MEGA bootcamp, a Mums and Bub Aqua class and walked with my husband and my baby in his carrier up and around the base of Mt Majura and through some of the neighbouring suburbs on Sunday afternoon.

  • To complete the daily abdominal exercises set by my physiotherapist to really strengthen my core again.

I didn’t do these daily because my core took on quite a lot during bootcamp including planks for the first time in more than a year, but I did complete four rounds of the exercises this week.

  • To complete the daily pelvic floor exercises also recommended by my physio.

I stuck to this goal and complete three rounds of pelvic floor exercises every day this week.

I also went for a few walks during the first week, did some free weights and even found time for a little dance!

Goals for Week Two:

My goals for the second week of the challenge are:

  • Get to (MEGA) class: I am going to get to three MEGA exercises sessions this week instead of two and try something new.
  • Finish my homework: I will complete my abdominal and pelvic floor exercises set by my physio each and every day this week.
  • Squat til I can’t squat no more: It’s time to focus on my legs and put them to the test. I will be doing 50 squats every day this week for a total of 350!

Week One might be done but I would still love for you to join me by sharing your own fitness or health goals.

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