Falling in love with Feather & Noise

After nine months of pregnancy, followed by months of breastfeeding, I am well and truely ready for fashion to get fun again!

I have written before about my approach to fashion as a new mum and admitted then that I hadn’t quite perfected my new look. Well, I am still struggling!

At the moment my day-to-day fashion choices revolve around practicality – can I feed my son in what I’m wearing? Is it warm enough? Can I move around in it easily to do things like get my pram in and out of my car? Yep…boring!

Although I am still breastfeeding, the start of spring has filled me with hope that I can break out of my current fashion rut and start dressing in clothes that make me happy. And when it comes to clothes that make me happy I look no further than Feather & Noise.

Feather & Noise is an online retail space offering stylish and affordable clothes, shoes and accessories. The pieces include a good balance of practical but beautiful basics, classic items often with a fun little twist, and on trend styles. They also have a good selection of clothes that are pregnancy and breastfeeding-friendly, without being your typical ugly pregnancy and breastfeeding clothes.

If you follow Feather & Noise on Instagram (and you really should!) you would know they regularly release new collections or edits for some fresh inspiration. The more pieces I see from Feather & Noise the more I start to get an idea of what my new style actually is.

They know how to do the basics, like denim and tees, really well, which I love.

They know the importance of a beautiful dress for every season.

They know how to work with colours and when to go bold.

They know how to style clothes to suit different body shapes.

They also know how to make mum-friendly clothes anything but boring!

It is safe to say that I have already snapped up a few pieces in recent months, including some gorgeous skirts and the Khaki Eden Jacket which is no longer available:

  • Delilah Skirt (currently on sale):The bold Delilah Skirt ticks all the right boxes, including longer length, a bright and colourful print, elastic waist and tasselled details. I have worn it with ankle boots in winter but it will be great with sandals or heels in the summer months.
  • Bailey Tee (now in multiple colours)This relaxed striped tee is an easy addition to any wardrobe. I have it in the beige and white stripes and love the 3/4 sleeve length oversized chest pocket.
  • Everley Skirt (now in black)I have this beautiful silky skirt in burgundy and it was actually my very first Feather & Noise purchase. Again, the elastic waist, dipped hemlines and hassled finishes make it a striking base to build a look from.
  • My digital Wishlist is being added to regularly and currently includes:
  • Eva dressIt’s off-the-shoulder and navy – need I say more?
  • Aisha pocket skirtThis classic skirt comes with pockets which is always a big win and looks incredibly versatile.
  • Alex BF ShortsA great pair of everyday denim shorts is a must for summer and these fit the bill.
  • Walker stripe teeWhat can I say? I’m a sucker for stripes!

I’d love to know, do you have a particular shop or fashion brand that you just love?

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