Spring Fitness Challenge – Week Three

Two weeks into my 12 Week Spring Fitness Challenge and I’m definitely taking an active approach to moving my body.

Every day I have been ticking off my challenges and working towards reaching my goals for the week. Being active is front and centre at the moment and I’m quite surprised by how much I am enjoying this approach.

How I went in Week Two:

My goals for the second week of the challenge were:

  • To complete 50 squats every day this week for a total of 350!

Challenge accepted. I hit my target and actually really liked this challenge, even though my legs felt like jelly some days.

  • Get to three MEGA classes including something new. 

I got to three workouts this week, including my regular bootcamp, Mums and Bubs Aqua and, for the first time, a group walk through the Mulligan’s Flat Nature Reserve. It was a nice mix of sessions and definitely helped me push my body.

  • To complete my daily abdominal and pelvic floor exercises. 

I stuck to this goal and completed three rounds of pelvic floor exercises every day this week, and at least one round of my abdominal exercises too.

I also went for a few walks this week, and completed a couple of light free weights sessions.

Goals for Week Three:

My goals for the third week of the challenge are:

  • Pelvic floor and squats: I’m going to stick with my daily pelvic floor exercises and keep hitting 50 squats each day.
  • Daily Planks: Instead of my abdominal routine, this week I’m going to try for 1 minute of planking every day.
  • MEGA classes and dance moves: I want to go to two MEGA exercises sessions this week and complete two dance sessions at home using The Fitness Marshall videos.

I’d love to know, how are you staying active this spring?

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