Spring Fitness Challenge – Week Four

I’m now a quarter of the way through my 12 Week Spring Fitness Challenge and, as someone who loves writing lists and checking off tasks, this approach of weekly challenges definitely appeals to me.

In just three weeks I have noticed a change in my attitude and approach to being active. I am moving more every day and have increased my daily steps. I am enjoying pushing myself too and building up my strength post-pregnancy.

How I went in Week Three:

My goals for the third week of the challenge were:

  • To complete 50 squats every day this week. 

I kept this challenge in rotation after Week Two and once again hit my target and enjoyed myself while doing it.

  • To complete my daily pelvic floor exercises. 

I stuck to this target and completed three rounds of pelvic floor exercises every day this week.

  • To complete 60 seconds of planks every day. 

I did this for five of the seven days as I found it a bit demanding for my core. I’m still glad I did it though and it felt great to feel strong again.

  • To make my MEGA classes and dance more at home.

I wanted to get to two MEGA exercises sessions and complete two dance sessions at home using The Fitness Marshall videos but my plans kind of got derailed this week! I went to one bootcamp session and while I didn’t get to do any dancing I did walk every day instead.

Goals for Week Four:

My goals for the fourth week of the challenge are:

  • Three free weights sessions: I need to focus some attention to my arms and am keen to start off with some light weight sessions.
  • Regular Physio exercises: I will complete my abdominal and pelvic floor exercises set by my physio each and every day this week.
  • Daily walks: I already love walking, especially with the boy on his pram, but I want to make sure I get in a big walk every day.

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