Spring Fitness Challenge – Week Five

It’s almost time to start the fifth week of my 12 Week Spring Fitness Challenge and it’s time to mix things up a little!

I want to incorporate some new exercises and activities for this week’s goals to keep me happy and moving.

How I went in Week Four:

My goals for the fourth week of the challenge were:

  • To fit in three free weights sessions.

It was great to focus a bit of time and energy on my arms after doing squat and plank challenges and I completed all three sessions.

  • Daily abdominal and pelvic floor exercises.

My pelvic floor exercises are just part of my routine now, which is fantastic, so this was easy to complete, and I managed five of the abdominal sets.

  • Big walks every day. 

Walking is fantastic and I’m always looking for an excuse to stretch my legs and take the boy for a stroll. I walked multiple times every day this week, including a massive walk out to the beach and back while at the coast.

Goals for Week Five:

My goals for the fifth week of the challenge are:

Dancing for fitness: I’m all signed up for a Zumba class through the MEGA app, and am keen to try some more routines from The Fitness Marshall.

Lots of lunges: Even though they are probably one of my least favourite exercises, in setting myself the challenge of completing 20 lunges on each leg every day this week.

Add more weights: I want to add on to the light sessions I did this week with some more demanding free weights routines.

How will you push yourself this week?

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