Spring Fitness Challenge – Week Eleven

I’m changing things up and increasing my goals for the second last week of my 12 Week Spring Fitness Challenge!

How I went in Week Ten:

My goals for the tenth week of the challenge were:

  • Five free weights sessions:

I met all my goals last week and made sure to incorporate five free weight sessions into my routine.

  • Three 5K walks:

While I go for walks every day, I pushed myself a little further last week and included three 5km walks around my neighbourhood.

  • Pelvic floor routine:

Every day last week I completed three sessions of pelvic floor exercises as recommended by my physiotherapist.

Goals for Week Eleven:

My goals for the eleventh week of the challenge are:

  • Three 5km walks: I liked this goal so much I decided to keep it in the rotation again this week. Hopefully the weather stays beautiful because I really enjoy getting out and about, listening to music and breathing in the fresh air.
  • Daily plank sessions: This week I am aiming to complete 30 second planks every day.
  • Mix and match exercises: A great book for fitness inspiration is The Women’s Heath Big Book of Exercises and this week I will be doing four sessions using it as my guide. I am going to have some fun with it and pick the exercises at random from different categories such as Chest, Back, Core and Total Body.

I’d love to know, how do you like to stay active when the weather is so nice?

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