Spring Fitness Challenge – Week Twelve

All good things must come to an end; we’re into the final week of my 12 Week Spring Fitness Challenge!

I have loved challenging myself this spring and really focusing on my health and improving my fitness levels. I have swam, squatted, climbed a mountain, walked just about everywhere, planked, danced and done enough pelvic floor exercises to make any physiotherapist proud!

How I went in Week Eleven:

My goals for the eleventh week of the challenge were:

  • Three 5K walks: 

The weather threatened to ruin this goal, with three days straight of rain. However, I managed to smash out all three. It’s a shame about the weather though because otherwise I could have definitely done more.

  • Daily plank sessions: 

I managed to do all but one of the 30 second planks I challenged myself to complete every day last week.

  • Mix and match exercises:

I used my copy of The Women’s Heath Big Book of Exercises last week to come up with some random exercises targeting areas like my Back, Core and Glutes. It was a fun way to mix up my workouts!

I also fit in a bootcamp session, went for a light swim, and did some free weights.

Goals for Week Twelve:

My goals for the final week of the challenge are:

  • 11,000 steps: I want to really push myself for the last week of the challenge and average 11,000 steps a day over the week for a total of at least 77,000 steps.
  • Five free weights sessions: I am going to really work my arms this week and fit in five small sessions of weights.
  • Squats and crunches: I am aiming to complete 20 squats every day this week, as well as 20 raised-leg crunches.

What are your fitness goals for summer?

One Comment Add yours

  1. bairdelle says:

    Well done on (almost) 12 weeks of exercise consistency! I struggle with 2 weeks!


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