Finding your new normal in 2018

A new year is natural time for reflection, but while it is important to look back on your achievements and challenges, a new year doesn’t have to mean a completely new you!

Last year was a massive year for me in every sense, because it was the year I became a mum. My beautiful baby boy came into the world  and everything changed. I learned a lot about myself in 2017 – my weaknesses and my strengths – while devoting myself to caring for someone else.

If last year was all about adjusting to life as a new parent, 2018 is a year for finding my new normal. I will be going back to work part-time and my son starts childcare, which means I will need to find my new balance between my work life and home life. As a family we need to get into some new routines and work out what works best for us in this next stage of our lives.

But going into 2018 I didn’t feel the need for New Year’s resolutions, because, while there are always going to be things I can work on and improve, I am pretty bloody happy with the person I am right now, in this lovely moment.

Most of us don’t need to completely reinvent ourselves year after year and sometimes we are simply setting ourselves up to fail with ridiculous resolutions that are impossible to keep.

So maybe instead of making unrealistic goals, it’s time to work out our priorities, focus on the little things in our lives that we can keep, change or get rid of completely, and give ourselves a break!

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