My Fab Five: Sleepy mum essentials

When you’ve got to get ready to start your day, but you’re operating on limited sleep and with limited time, it’s great to have a few handy tricks up your sleeve to make looking (and feeling) good appear effortless!

Here are some of my favourite little hacks to help me look like I’ve got my shit together:

  • ExceptionOil: When I’m feeling exhausted and need a little pick me up my second favourite choice, behind coffee of course, is this phenomenal body oil. I’ll apply Go-To’s ExceptionOil to any bare skin, my hands and even the ends of my hair if it needs a little love. It’s a great all-rounder, will have your skin glowing like you’ve just come from a day spa and makes you smell sen-bloody-sational! Go-To Skin Care ExceptionOil, $51
  • Lips Exfoliant: When I’m not getting enough sleep I always feel a little dehydrated and I find my lips are always dry. I like to use this lips exfoliant because it’s quick and uses refined sugar granules to gently exfoliate, smooth and soften flaky lips. Mecca Cosmetica Kissable Lips exfoliant, from $22
  • MECCA MAX lip gloss: Once my lips have been prepped I love to add a tinted lip gloss for a pop of colour, especially if I am wearing minimal or no make-up. It makes me feel like I have made an effort! I am loving this peach gloss from Mecca Max at the moment. MECCA MAX Gloss Boss Lip Gloss, Just Peachy, $18
  • Mini hairbrush: Always make the time to brush your hair – no matter how tired you are this is just essential. I have used a paddle hairbrush from The Body Shop for years and years, but my mum recently surprised me with this mini version and it’s fantastic! It is the perfect size to fit in your handbag and still does a damn good job at managing and styling your hair. Plus, it’s a bargain! The Body Shop bamboo hairbrush, $9
  • Bonds Wondersuits: Despite being sleep deprived, you’ve still got to juggle getting a little human ready at the same time as attempting to make yourself look like a functioning human being. The solution is to pop them into a Bonds Wondersuit and save yourself some time (and stress) – so simple, no fuss and it’s just one piece of clothing to worry about. Bonds Wondersuits, from $24.95

I also like to use a Vitamin E face mist, some eye drops, a nude eyeliner to make my eyes look wider and a swipe of mascara to finish my fake-awake look. What are your best tricks for looking rested when you’re anything but?

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