My Fab Five: travel essentials for a toddler

We’ve done a lot of travelling since the birth of our son, because both of our families live all over the place, so we have gotten pretty clever with packing and travelling light.

We have our immediate family living from the Mid North Coast of NSW all the way down to Melbourne in Victoria, which has meant lots of road trips in the past 18 months!

Both sets of grandparents have portacots and change mats for us to use, which helps, but here are some of our favourite travel items:

  • Baby Bjorn Travel Cot Light: We put off buying a portacot for a while because we were getting by using our families’, but when we finally caved we knew we wanted something that packed down easily and was super compact. The Baby Bjorn Travel Cot is amazing! It is not cheap (although I bought it on sale and saw quite a few cheap prices online) but it is worth every cent. You just open the carry bag, lift the cot out and set it up in one movement. It really is that easy. My husband works with foam and can vouch that the mattress is also of good quality. All this and it weighs just 6kg and folds up to a really decent size.
  • Kmart Camping High Folding Chair: One of my super cool mum friends tipped me off about this chair. We use it as a travel high chair and it really is great value for us $29. It is light-eight, portable, and comes with a sturdy frame.
  • Baby carrier: We were lucky enough to be given two different hand-me-down baby carriersan Ergo and a Baby Bjorn – and rate them both. When your baby is little baby carriers can be the ideal thing for travel because they fold up so small and can sometimes be more practical than taking a big pram. 
  • Skip Hop Chameleon Zoo Bag: A little bag for the boy is essential on road trips and we like to use Aidan’s childcare bag. Yes it has an adorable chameleon on it. But it is also big enough to fit a change of clothes, a nappy wallet, drink bottle, his lunch box and some toys.
  • The X Bag Neoprene Tote Bag: My Prene Bag is great for travel because it is so height-weight but can fit heaps! And if it gets a bit dirty from our trip I can pop it in the washing machine – too easy! I always have my Melobaby nappy wallet in my bag and it’s fantastic because to comes with a detachable change mat (public change tables are gross so this is a must), plus space for four nappies, nappy bags and I put a little wallet of wipes inside too.

We have our first flight as a family booked in for September, so I would love to know your favourite travel tips and what you always take with you when flying.


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