A miniature adventure not far from home

Weeks are perfect for getting out of the house for some new adventures, especially now our son is one-and-a-half and practically running everywhere!

When the winter weather is just right and it’s a nice sunny day you really can’t afford to waste it, which is why we spent last Sunday exploring Cockington Green Gardens in Canberra.

Cockington Green Gardens is home to incredible miniature village displays within beautiful gardens. 

The Original Display area from when Cockington Green Gardens first opened in 1979 depicts the quaint English village of Cockington in the English county of Devon. Look out for hidden figures throughout like one of the Minions at the soccer match, a man walking a dinosaur and The Stig.

The International Display area opened in the 1990s and features some incredible miniature replicas of famous buildings from around the world. There’s also a miniature steam train you can take a ride on around the International Display area.

We had fun walking through the gardens and spotting all the little figures (and even a dinosaur or two). My son was also very impressed with all the trains running throughout the displays. 

Next up on our list of adventures to do is Questacon, obviously, Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve and a return visit to the National Zoo & Aquarium. 

What are your favourite places to explore as a family?

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