Caring for my hair with Klorane

In my quest to get super long, super healthy hair I have recently become a little bit obsessed with Klorane haircare products.

My hairdresser recommended trying an oil control shampoo and a volumising conditioner to help me through this awkward stage where my hair falls below my shoulders but isn’t really long yet.

So I decided to try the Klorane shampoo with nettle and the Klorane conditioner with flax fibre.

The nettle shampoo is very gentle on my hair and has helped it from becoming too greasy between washes. My husband has also started using this and is a fan (which sucks a little because now we are going through a 200ml bottle much more quickly!).

The flax fibre conditioning balm is silicone-free, ultra-light and adds a natural volume to my hair. I only need to use a small amount but I can now get away with washing my hair every two-three days.

I have also been a fan of Klorane dry shampoo for a while now and like their tinted shampoos for brown to dark hair the best. I still get the little hit of volume and some oil control, without the standard white powdery side effect.

I’ve only just recently started to use the leave-in spray with flax fibre but it’s so easy to use and helps keep my find hair from ending up flat and boring. The spray is a no-rinse formula and can be used on dry or slightly damp hair.

I have been spraying a bit on my roots after a shower and then brushing it through. Once you hair is dry you will have some added texture and body to work with.

Have you tried any Klorane products; any favourites I should know about?

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