First impressions: D-Bronzi Serum and Extended Play Lash

On a recent trip into Mecca Maxima just to pick up my Beauty Loop Box I somehow managed to also leave with two new gorgeous products to try!

I spotted the much hyped new bronzing serum from Drunk Elephant and was recommended a new tubular mascara from M.A.C to test out in my never-ending quest for the perfect lashes.

After about a week of testing both products I wanted to share some of my first impressions and I’d love to hear your thoughts if you’ve also used them.

D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Serum, Drunk Elephant, $52:

This is my very first product from Drunk Elephant because the price point on some of the products is quite high (up to $196!). But because I am really focused on great skin and minimal make-up, I thought a great bronzing serum could be worth the higher price tag.

D-Bronzi promises to deliver an “effortless glow while protecting and defending your skin from any harmful pollutants throughout the day”. 

I can definitely vouch for the effortless glow; you just add some drops to a serum, oil, moisturiser or even your favourite sunscreen for an instant, but still natural looking, glow. So far I have used it with my Zincredible and Very Useful Face Cream from Go-To Skin Care for day and night looks and it worked beautifully with both. 

As well as looking good, as a Drunk Elephant product it comes enriched with virgin marula and black currant seed oil, as well as vitamin F and a concentrated mix of antioxidants. While I can’t really vouch for the anti-pollutant properties I can say that it looks fantastic and leaves my skin feeling healthy at the end of the day (unlike some make-up). I would definitely buy it again. 

Extended Play Lash, M.A.C Cosmetics, $35:

I had just about finished my Poni Cosmetics tubular mascara $30 and was looking for a new mascara to try in my quest for the perfect tubular gem! The selection wasn’t huge at Mecca Maxima which is surprising because I would have thought more brands would have a tubular mascara to offer by now. 

I choose this one from M.A.C but was also tempted by the Volume Mascara by Kevyn Aucoin $41 (but maybe next time).

The reason I love tubular mascara so much is because it has the benefit of waterproof, smudge-proof technology but with an easy, warm water removal instead of an industrial strength makeup remover! It is a winning formula and I have been converted for about three years now. 

I like M.A.C’s slimline brush, which I personally think works best with tubular mascaras, because it lets you coat every single lash for a really high-impact and sleek finish. This formula has clumped a little bit more than I would expect but I am hoping it’s just because it’s a full new tube of product.

Is it the best I’ve ever tried; probably not. But for the price, it’s competitive against other tubular mascaras and I think it stacks up.

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