Feeling fine with my fake tan

Before we set off on our holiday to Hamilton Island I knew I had to get a few things in order first; number one priority (okay, maybe not number one, but it was pretty close) was dealing with my wintery white skin.

Thanks to Canberra’s brutal winter, my skin hadn’t seen the light of day in quite a few months. My husband actually used the word ‘translucent’ but I don’t think it was quite that bad.

Rather than book in for a super dark spray tan, I decided to finally try a brand of tanning products I had noticed in my local Mecca Max.

Luna Bronze is self-described as “sunless tanning meets skin care” which ticks all the right boxes. The ethically-minded Australian brand has a selection of tanning products that are all vegan and cruelty-free.

Full disclosure, I was a little nervous to tackle fake tan as I have become naturally pale over the past few years and hate any products that make me look orange or streaky because it’s just so obvious on my skin.

I can tell you now, my experience with Luna Bronze completely changed my opinion on tanning products and the results were just what I had wanted – glowing, golden skin.

The Luna Bronze Glow Gradual Tanning Moisturiser is the perfect product for fake tan newbies or for people who like a subtle colour. It’s a similar product to the Dove gradual tanner every Australian lady seems to have owned at one point in her life but gives a bit more colour with each application and has a nicer finish – no streaks or patches.

It is made with natural ingredients like coconut, jojoba and rosehip, as well as antioxidants and vitamins A, B and E, so you skin feels incredibly hydrated after application. I found this gave a great colour after three days of application and was also a good way to extend the life of my more intense tan.

The Luna Bronze Eclipse Tanning Mousse gives a deeper, darker and longer lasting tan. However you do have to sacrifice some convenience to get it (the product has to be left on for between 1-6 hours to work). It was worth it though; even when I only applied the mousse for 1.5 hours, I was left with a gorgeous, even colour that lasted about a week. I used the tanning mitt for the application and then my Go To Skin Care exception-oil every day to protect the tan and keep my skin soft and smooth.

Have you tried any Luna Bronze products yet? How do you like to get your glow on?

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