The ultimate skincare power couple

I love when Go-To Skin Care drops a new product, but I was extra excited when they unveiled their new SPF moisturiser because I felt like I had been waiting for a product like it for years. 

Zincredible is a gorgeously rich and hydrating moisturiser with SPF 15 for moderate UV protection. Invisible Zinc Oxide provides a physical UV barrier, but it is nothing like the zinc products I grew up with. It applies so smoothly, melts into your skin without leaving it ghostly white and just feels like a high end moisturiser (which it is!).

It has replaced Go-To’s Very Useful Face Cream as my morning moisturiser (but I still use the face cream every night because it’s just lovely). I can easily say that I have used it almost every day since it arrived in the mail about a month ago and I can see it being a product I use religiously with no end in sight. 

Go-To confirmed that a tinted product was on its way (and it really is if you take a peek on the website right here) but I couldn’t wait. So I took matters into my own hands and bought a product I had heard great things about. 

Drunk Elephant’s D-Bronzi Sunshine Serum is aptly named; it’s like having a tube full of drops of golden sunshine. It makes skin glow and is an incredibly versatile product that works best mixed with moisturisers, sunscreens and oils. 

The two wonder products mixed together gives you a velvety moisturiser offering SPF protection and an instant golden glow. 

Since I started using these two products together about three weeks ago I have barely worn foundation. That’s how beautifully these products mix together! 

Have you used these fantastic skincare products yet? Thoughts? 

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