What’s your favourite Mecca Cosmetica product?

I first got properly hooked on Mecca Cosmetica products when a Mecca Maxima opened in Canberra about two years ago and I’ve never looked back!

It has become one of my favourite skincare brands because the quality is so consistent, there is an impressive variety of products and the packaging is to die for.

But a girl’s always going to have some favourites, so here are mine:

    To Save Face Superscreen SPF 50+: I’ve raved about this sunscreen before because it’s so lightweight and luscious. It feels more like a moisturiser or primer than a traditional SPF 50.
    Antioxidant serum: I love this multi-use serum for mornings and night because of how it nourishes and soothes my skin. A tip I learnt recently is to always apply it to damp skin, so I either use it fresh out of the shower or I spray a facial mist first.
    Lip de-luscious glide with SPF 15: am I have this balm in Rose and it give such a beautiful hint of colour to my face. The magnetic lid is a game changer and means it never gets lots in my bag. I have also been eyeing off the coral shade for a while but want to use up this one first.

While that’s my top three, I use a bunch of other Mecca Cosmetica products regularly including the In Good Light Face Tint with SPF 30 and I’m keen to try the new Hydra Cheek Tint and Illuminating Balm duo.

Do you have any favourite products from Mecca or a brand you are obsessed with?

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