First impressions: Hydra skin tint and Flyer face mask

I’ve been limiting my skincare purchases in recent months thanks to A) a new mortgage and B) a new baby on the way. So, it takes a lot for me to commit to a new product at the moment.

I depend on a lot of reviews and ask a lot of questions of my favourite experts before I make the leap. But these two new products made the cut!

One is a newbie from one of my favourite brands – Mecca Cosmetica – and the other is an old classic but in a new smaller size.

Mecca Cosmetica’s Weekend Skin Hydra Skin Tint:

I am a long-time fan of the Mecca Cosmetica sunscreens and tinted moisturiser, so I was intrigued when this new product was announced. It’s a classic tint, so unlike many Mecca products there is no SPF included. Its main job is to correct colour unevenness and discolouration on your face.

The product comes in five shades, but the tint colour is said to adjust to your skin tone. I have been using Natural 2.0 and I have to say it’s been working well with my skin shade – not too dark or too yellow like some tints or foundations.

My impression from the first few uses is that it’s a nice, light coverage product. I can see it being perfect for weekends (and maternity leave) when I prefer to wear minimal make-up but still like to look like I’ve made some form of effort. There seems to be a nice natural glow after it’s applied but I am not sure if that’s just how my shade looks against my skin.

Lanolips’ Face Base The Aussie Flyer Leave-on Recovery Mask:

I am late to the Lanolips party but I am making up for it I swear. I first tried their 101 Ointment (which I am a big fan of), and this recovery mask is my second purchase. I picked it up in Mecca because of the smaller 30ml travel size, which I then discovered was new. Previously it had only been available in 60ml.

“The Leave-on Recovery Mask is the ideal solution for dried out, dull, travel-weary skin, delivering an instant and long-lasting pick-me-up and high dose of hydration.”

I have already used it four times and I am a fan. It’s a leave-on mask so I pop it on before bed, sleep with in on and then get up and go the next morning with no fuss. It’s full of lanolin and some yummy ingredients like caffeine, mint and ginger, and leaves dry skin feeling well hydrated and plump.

As the name suggests, the mask was originally designed to be used in-flight, but it’s such a winner you shouldn’t limit it just for holidays.

Have you tried anything great lately that you can’t stop raving about?

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