The Go-To family is growing

Go-To skin care products for kids? Sold!

I have been a fan of this Aussie skincare brand since it first launched about five years ago, so the announcement of a special range of children’s products was pretty exciting.

Gro-To is all about gentle bath and body care products for our little humans. There are four core products so far:

  • Skin Wizard: Nourishing baby oil
  • Super Softy: Nourishing body lotion
  • Bad Dream Buster: Calming room spray
  • Sud Bud: Gentle bubble bath

I chose the baby oil and the room spray to try as our new place doesn’t have a bath (devastating, I know) to make bubbles in.

Skin Wizard:

If you try any Gro-To product for your kids make it this one; this body oil is brilliant.

It’s a blend of eight gentle botanical oils, including sweet almond, jojoba seed and macadamia seed oils, and is designed to sooth and nourish skin that’s dry, bumpy or flaky.

We use it straight after our son’s nightly shower while his skin is still a little damp and apply it all over, but especially on his shoulder, arms and tummy where he gets a bit of heat rash. It has worked a treat and his skin clears up quickly when we use it regularly.

Like all Go-To products, Skin Wizard smells incredible and it feels so lightweight but rich on the skin. This is a product I could easily use/steal for myself.

Bad Dream Buster:

The room spray isn’t as ‘essential’ as the body oil, but it sure is fun for kids. It has a calming lavender scent that isn’t too over-powering and our son loves it when we spray his room before bed to keep the dinosaurs, dragons and monsters away.

Have you or your family tried any Gro-To products yet?

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