Affordable dupes for some of my favourite products

When you hear on Mamamia’s You Beauty podcast about an amazing dupe for your all time favourite face product, you just have to buy it, right?

The answer is yes, especially when the dupe only costs $8! Yes, you read that correctly.

So when podcast host Leigh Campbell recommended a duplicate product on the latest show for my beloved It Cosmetics CC Cream that I could buy for less than $10 at my local supermarket she immediately had my attention.

For those who haven’t tried the IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream SPF50, it’s the ultimate multi-tasker; it has more of a full coverage like foundation, contains SPF50 physical sunscreen, and applies like a primer. Since I bought my first bottle it has replaced all my foundations, BB and CC creams, unless I want a more sheer finish and then I use the Mecca Cosmetica Weekend Skin Hydra Tint.

But at $61, the IT Cosmetics CC cream is more of an investment product and you’d want to be sure you had the colour matched perfectly and it suited your skin type before you bought it.

The product recommended as being a cheaper match is the MUD Make-Up Design CC cream for just $8. It promises all the benefits of a CC cream, like correcting redness and priming the skin for make-up, as well as all-day wear and SPF30. And it’s available at your local Woolworths Supermarket.

I tested the MUD CC cream out today and my impressions are:

  • It has a similar consistency to the IT Cosmetics cream in that it’s a thicker CC cream but applies easily and doesn’t need to be worked into the skin much even with SPF.
  • It has a lot less shades (only two compared to IT Cosmetics’ twelve) but the MUD light to medium shade seems fairly comparable to IT’s Light shade.
  • There might be some issues with colour matching but at this price it might be the kind of product you could tweak slightly with illuminating or bronzing liquids until you had your preferred shade.
  • I liked the finish; its quite natural despite being a more full coverage CC cream.
  • It lasted fairly well on quite a hot summer’s day, so I was impressed. However, I do think the IT Cosmetics’ cream is longer lasting.
  • It has a lower SPF, but I use an Ultra Violette SPF50 sunscreen before applying any foundations or CC creams anyway.
  • For such a low price, I think it’s an impressive product and is definitely much closer to the higher end product than I ever would have thought.

I also dabbled with some other affordable products from the supermarket including these MCO Beauty brow products. I bought the Instant Brow pencil in Medium/Dark and was happy with the grooming brush and how thin the pencil was, because I prefer a more natural look. I also picked up the More Brows Fibre Gel in Medium Dark and am hoping it might be a cheaper dupe for the Benefit Cosmetics fibre gel I normally use.

Wearing the MUD Make-Up Design CC Cream and MCO Beauty brow products.

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