Fancy Face: New to oil cleansers

You have to love an exciting new product! I am new to oil cleansers and Fancy Face is the new nourishing oil cleanser from Go-To Skin Care.

I had heard a lot about double cleansing in recent months and was intrigued by the idea. Essentially you clean your skin with an oil-based or balm cleanser and then a water-based product. This method is meant to effectively remove all makeup, SPF, skincare products and dirt, while cleaning the skin.

I have used Go-To’s Properly Clean cleanser since the brand first launched but had never dabbled with oil cleansers. So when Fancy Face was unveiled I was really excited to test it out. I am happy to report that after my very first use I was convinced. The oil cleanser almost melts away any products on my face, including foundation, mascaras, brow products and my daily SPF50.

I have been using Fancy Face $45 at night as the first step in my skincare routine. I rub 2-3 pumps of the oil all over my face, including around my eyes, along my jaw line and right up to my hair line. The cleanser feels really rich and nourishing, and I love that you just apply it to dry skin. Once you’ve massaged it into your face you simply remove it with a wash cloth or the Go-To Posh Cloth muslin square. The amount of product that gets removed is incredible!

If I’ve worn a face of makeup I will then double cleanse with Properly Clean. The next steps either way are serums, face oil and moisturiser. Fancy Face is definitely a game charger for me and I’m now a big fan of oil cleansers. Have you tried Fancy Face yet? Do you double cleanse? Some other oil based and balm cleansers that have caught my eye include:

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