Precious photos as a family of four

Today my littlest boy is one month old! I’m quickly remembering just how fast this newborn stage disappears.

Our little Ryan arrived suddenly in a big rush! He was born within just hours of the first contractions and was perfect.

Each day he looks more and more like his big brother’s twin and, already, we can’t imagine life without him.

I knew once our boy was born that I really wanted to get professional family photos to document this stage in our lives and I am so glad I did it. I met an amazing Canberra photographer at a local baby expo and she came to our house about three weeks after he was born to take some relaxed photos of us all.

Kayleigh McGlynn is a professional photographer in Canberra who specialises in pregnancy, birth, baby and family photos.

She was amazing at capturing beautiful moments without making everything too staged or formal. She worked with the craziness of a toddler and a baby (and a hubby who isn’t a fan of having his photo taken!) and was so relaxed and calm.

The end result was hundreds of incredibly special image that capture the start of our lives as a family of four – a time we will treasure forever.

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