My Fab Five: new books and nude lips

Cracking reads. The perfect pout. Newborn baby hacks. I’ve got so many awesome things I want to share at the moment that I’ve brought back My Fab Five articles!

Here are a few of my favourite things right now:

  • Mecca Max lip gloss: The Mecca Max Gloss Boss lip glosses have always been good but some of the new shades are outstanding! Cool it is my favourite new shade and I have been wearing it with the Mecca Max lip liner Chic for a gorgeous nude lip.
  • Scrublands by Chris Hammer: I am halfway through this Australian crime novel and I am hooked with a capital H! It has some interesting characters all crushed together in a small country town that has been struck by tragedy and death. It’s captivating and original and I can’t wait to see how it ends.
  • Huggies baby wipes case: These cute reusable clutches come with 32 wipes but can hold lots more. They are the perfect size to put in any nappy bag or tote and I still use my original case I bought for my first born three years ago.
  • Haakaa breast pump: I bought this manual breast pump before my second son was born and it has been the best buy! It’s so easy to use, requires no power so can be used anywhere (I literally had to use it to pump in the car on a road trip recently!) and is perfect for catching let down so no milk goes to waste. Could not recommend this highly enough!
  • Go-To Skin Care face masks: A long time favourite, Go-To’s Transformazing Face Masks are the bomb! My skin has been pretty dehydrated lately from a lack of sleep, so these masks are essential.
  • BONUS – hand sanitiser: Thanks to the threat of Caronavirus, it’s not just toilet paper flying off the shelves. It’s impossible to get your hands on sanitisers too. So the samples of Merci Handy Flower Power cleansing gel in the latest Mecca Beauty Loop boxes are suddenly looking pretty good!

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