Testing out Go-To’s DIY Facial

My favourite Go-To Skin Care shared the perfect solution to our self isolation blues – a step by step guide to recreating a luscious facial at home.

In need of a little pampering, I am going to test it out tonight, but wanted to share the steps and products I will be using in case you wanted to try it for yourself…

Step 1: Double cleanse

I will be using the Go-To Skin Care Fancy Face oil cleanser and then Go-To’s Properly Clean cleanser for this step. I will also be trying out The Beauty Egg’s sonic facial brush for the first time, which I recently ordered (in blush, of course).

Step 2: Steam

Step 3: Clay Mask

I like the Origins Clear Improvement clay and charcoal mask to treat my skin, and prevent breakouts.

Step 4: Nourishing mask

I love Go-To’s Transformazing sheet masks for a big dose of nourishment. Full of hardworking ingredients like niacinamide and beautiful botanicals like Kakadu plum, these masks work wonders in just 10 minutes.

Step 5: Serums and Face Oils

I’ve been trialling a serum from Salt By Hendrix that I will incorporate into tonight’s facial. Botanical Facial Serum is a super lightweight serum designed to fight the signs of ageing. I also love the Salt By Hendrix Eye Babe Oil. I will layer these with The Beauty Egg’s Frikkin’ Ah-Mazing Face Oil which includes Vitamin E and Argan Oil.

Step 6: Moisturise

I will seal in all the goodness with Go-To’s Very Useful Face Cream and voila!

Fingers crossed that I’ll be looking radiant and well rested in no time.

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